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This my first ConLang which I have called rráp ‘ayá which translates as “Voice’s Child.”   In creating rráp ‘ayá I have chosen features of world languages and a couple other ConLangs that I found appealing and tweaked them slightly to suit.  You may recognize features of French, Gaelic, Hidatsa, Mandarin, and Warlpiri, my own native Canadian English, as well as a few from Tolkien’s Sindarin and Quenya, and Dr. Paul Frommer’s Na’vi.

Phonetically and phonologically I wanted to include sounds and sound combinations that don’t exist in english.  Ejectives, word/syllable initial nasalised stops, trills, aspirated liquids and velar fricatives to name a few as well as complex consonant clusters.

In developing the vocabulary I wanted to place an emphasis on the voice and sound and as such the language is somewhat onomatopoeic.  I imagined the first speaker of rráp ‘ayá marveling at the sound of his voice and creating words based on the sounds things made.

It has a mixed morphology, incorporating polysynthetic, agglutinating, fusional and isolating morphologies.  It also includes both infixation and (in the Nominative Case marking) circumfixation as part of its morphology.

Due to heavy use of case marking, the word order is relatively free with a few exceptions.  Obviously I couldn’t create a language that didn’t break its own rules every once in awhile!

I hope you enjoy your stay here and that you pick up a few lovely sounds to add to your day!

ylyáyáohye’yo̝kʼé rrá tʼá! (Farewell! [Lit. Truthfully, (I am glad) we have spoken!])